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D Jimenez » Let me introduce myself....

Let me introduce myself....

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?  Me llamo Señora Jiménez and I am super excited to be teaching Intro to Spanish and Spanish I at Tomball Junior High School.  I am passionate about learning foreign languages (I know 5) and especially about sharing my long standing love of Spanish and hispanic culture.  In my classes we will not only learn grammar and vocabulary, but we will explore other countries and their people, culture, and customs.  By acquiring knowledge of the world around us, I hope to encourage acceptance and inspire the future global citizens of the world!
I hail from the land of 10,000 Lakes and am proud to call myself a Golden Gopher.  I received my BA in Spanish Linguistics and Literature, with a Minor in English.  I am trained in ESL, Elementary Bilingual education, Secondary Spanish, and AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature.  So I hope to prepare all students with the foundational proficiency to continue on in their Spanish studies in High School.
I left the cold 15 years ago and became a proud Tomball resident, and an active parent in Tomball ISD.  I have 4 children: my eldest son is himself a Gopher, I have two daughters at Tomball Memorial, and my youngest just started at Tomball Elementary this year.  This will be my first year as a full time teacher and I am so excited for the year to come!! 
My Class Schedule:
1st: 7:20 - 8:09 Spanish I
2nd: 8:13 - 9:06 Spanish I
3rd: 9:10 - 9:59 Introduction to Spanish
4th: 10:03 - 10:52 CONFERENCE
A Lunch: 10:52-11:17
5th: 11:21 - 12:10 Spanish I
6th: 12:14 - 12:44 PAW
7th: 12:48 - 1:37 Spanish I
8th: 1:41 - 2:30 CoTeaching
You may contact me via phone call during my conference period at 281-357-3000 ext. 4453, or via email at


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Parents and Students:
Please check your students' grades this weekend.  We are coming up on the first check point for the UIL Eligibility Calendar.  At that point your students will have one additional week to pull their grade up in order to retain their UIL eligibility.
All of my students are aware of missing grades, that I have posted as "0", as well as upcoming exams, and opportunities for test corrections.  These are all posted in my google classrooms.
If you are in need of further information, please feel free to email me.  Again, I am at school M-Friday until 4:00pm, and then I come back at 4:30pm and am willing to stay with any athletes that may need tutoring after their practices. However, I need to be asked in advance to ensure that I am able to stay.

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