Welcome TIS / TJHS Band

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School year!!  I am looking forward to getting the year started with your children!
Through this page, I hope to inform, educate, and inspire each student to the best of my ability and appreciate any insight regarding your student's unique interests, experiences, and learning style.  Please feel free to email anytime with questions or concerns. Should you need to contact me by phone or in person, my schedule is listed below:

Class day schedule:

At TIS the classes are:

7:43 - 8:28 1st PeriodFlute (Breeden) and Trombone (Clements) 

8:32 - 9:17 2nd PeriodClarinet (Breeden) and Trumpet (Clements)

9:27 - 10:12 3rd Period – Saxophone (Breeden) and  French Horn (Clements)  

10:03 - 10:52 4th Period – Double Reeds (Breeden), Low Brass (Clements), Percussion (Broadhurst) 


At TJHS the classes are:

11:23-12:17 5th Period  Honor Band

12:50-1:38 6th Period Symphonic Band 

1:41-2:30 7thPeriod Conference

2:30 TJHS end of day release

I encourage you to subscribe to my website and explore the information and tools available to parents and students.  I will utilize my web page to enhance our communication.  
Let's work together to make this a wonderful year!
Go, Coogs!!! 
Contact Information:
281-357-3000 ext.4476