About Me

Welcome Cougars! 
My name is Megan Munson de Salvatori and I am pleased to be a Spanish teacher here at Tomball Jr. High School. For the 2020-2021 school year, I will be teaching Spanish 1 and Native Speakers.  This is my fith year working for TISD where I have been welcomed by a friendly, caring and dedicated staff that truly have your children's needs at heart. 
I am a native Texan. I grew up all over Texas being a PK. I moved to St. Louis MO to study film at Webster University, and later I returned to Texas to study Spanish at Sam Houston State University.  During a summer program, we traveled to Puebla, Mexico where I met my husband of 19 years. It was love at first sight, and after only having known each other for 3 weeks he asked me to marry him! I said, "¡Claro que si!" ...so, yes! 
I taught English at an American school in Puebla, Mexico as my first teaching job! This amazing experience opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a language learner. My full intentions are focused on working towards our "One Team One Goal" teamwork learning environment to reach your child's highest potential in their language growth as we explore Spanish and make connections to the cultures in our communities and this great big world that awaits them! 
I have included a "link" option inside of Edlio which is a presentation for "Meet the Teacher".  Please go into the "Links" option to find class descriptions, grading guidelines, technology tools, class goals and much more.  In slide 2 you will have the option to watch a video description of the slide show.  
Please feel free to call, send an email or note if you have any concerns.  My contact information is listed below.
Welcome to my classes! I look forward to this years success! 
Megan Munson de Salvatori
281-357-3000 ext. 4452
conference period: 4th (10:15-10:45)