Cross Country

Tomball Jr. High Cross Country



  • We want our athletes to be successful both academically and athletically.
  • No Pass, No Play!
  • Bring a positive attitude to practice everyday.
  • At meets, represent TJHS with pride.
  • Athletes need to be present at school on meet days in order to participate (extenuating circumstances apply).
  • Athletes must attend practice the day before a meet in order to be eligible to participate (extenuating circumstances apply).



  • Practice is at 6:15am Tuesday through Thursday 
  • Athletes will arrive to practice in their school-assigned practice uniform and in their running shoes.  Athletes will not be able to dress out at school before practice. 
  • Depending on the workout, lateness may result in the athlete missing practice.
  • Athletes are expected to support their teammates and should not leave early from a meet (extenuating circumstances apply).
  • Cross Country is a running sport.  Athletes must be able to run 2 miles in 20 minutes before being able to attend a meet.
  • Lack of effort during practice can cause an athlete to not attend the next meet.



  • Positive attitude and character---athletes will give 100%.
  • Water bottle and sunscreen are needed.  A water bottle should be brought to all practices and meets.
  • Girl’s hair is up at all time during practice.
  • All athletes are provided a lock and locker; coaches are NOT responsible for items that are lost or stolen.  Athletes are to lock all personal belongings on a daily basis.
  • Athletes are issued 1 uniform and are responsible for its care and upkeep. It must be returned at the end of the season.
  • Athletes are issued 1 practice uniform for athletics and are responsible for its care and upkeep. It must be returned. 
  • All athletes must wear proper running shoes.  Shoes are a runner’s most important piece of equipment.


Drop off / Pick up

  • Drop off for practice at the bus ramp and enter through the cafeteria.  We will meet in the cafeteria for roll.
  • Pick up after meets is at the bus ramp.
  • On meet days, you may bring food for your athlete. Please choose healthy alternatives to help your athlete perform their best.  You may drop food off at the front office for your athlete to pick up at the end of the school day.  
  • TISD provides transportation to and from all sports related competition. It is mandatory that all athletes ride the bus to the event and are encouraged to ride the bus back as well. If there is an extenuating circumstance that has been approved by the coach, an athlete may ride home with his or her parent as long as the athlete is first signed out by their coach.


Any athlete not having a complete physical by the end of the 2nd week of school will be transferred into a physical education class.  Athletes must be enrolled in the athletic class in order to participate in TJHS sports. 



Feel free to email any additional questions or concerns.         (Cross Country)          (TJHS Athletic Director)



Sign up for Remind notifications (this is the best way for me to communicate with the whole team and their parents).  Go to and fill in your name and phone number or email. You can also join by texting @tbend to 81010 or email