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Welcome to 7th Grade Regulars & Accelerated Science
I'm excited about the 2016-2017 school year!
Welcome to my Science page!
I teach 7th regular Science and 7th Accelerated Science, so on my teacher page you will be able to find information about both by clicking on the appropriate menu option to the right.  
I love teaching and consider it a privilege to get to know my students and spend the year with them.  While I have this time with them, I hope to impart my love of Science and for learning in general as well as teach them some lessons that hopefully will allow for them to become respectable young individuals.  
I welcome any and all communication, so please do not ever hesitate to contact me.  The best way is by email, but feel free to call me and I will return your call at my earliest opportunity.  
We will do great things this year! Thank you in advance for your support and involvement in our class!



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Complete vocabulary - using textbook page 209.  
54 right - 7 definitions
54 left - colored pic with brief description

Quick Write - Law of Conservation of Mass

Write a good definition of a reactant and product and draw a picture to represent it
Draw a picture to represent the Law
Why is it important to know the Law of Conservation of mass?

Tablel of Contents

Table of contents are loaded for both accelerated and on-level classes.
Click on either 7th Grade Accelerated or 7th Grade Regulars to the right of my page and it is an attachment - TOC!
Major grade Friday!