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Tomball Junior High School Choir

Welcome to the Tomball Junior High School Choir!

Look for all sorts of important information regarding the Tomball Choir HERE!!!

We will be posting frequent updates, so please tune in often!
Handbook is up! Please see below.  They were also sent home manually with the students today. Additionally, they will be emailed!
Can't wait to meet all of my choir parents at open house, September 25, 2017!
Please find below the choir handbook and other vital information!
All forms are due to the choir room by September 20, 2017. 

Recent Posts

Region choir honors

Congratulations to the following students for making the region choir this weekend at Peet JH in Conroe:
adrienne guss
elizabeth cargile
natalie rodriguez
max wells
luke rich
david casanova
drake wallace
All of you performed beautifully and I am so proud of your hard work! Some of you came so close and you should all be so proud of yourselves for putting yourself out there. I am touched by your dedication. I will have detailed results on Monday for you!
Much Love,
Ms. Willey

Other suggested cuts to look at for Region BOYS

Look at these as other cut possibilities for Region Auditions:
Break it Down
music starts at m. 3, sing from m. 5-16
The Girl I left behind me
music starts at m. 46, sing m. 47 to the end
music starts at m. 20, sing from m. 27 (or 28 where your voice part starts) and sing to m. 41
Dies Irae
music starts at m. 63, sing from m. 65 to the end
music starts at m. 7 sing m. 9-25

Other suggested cuts for Region Choir GIRLS

Look at these as other start and stop points for Region Choir Auditions!
Dance On My Heart
music begins at m. 14, start singing at vs.2 and sing through end of vs. 3
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel 
music begins at m. 4, sing m. 8-27 like you used 2nd ending
music begins at m. 31, sing m. 36 to the end
music begins at m. 36, sing m. 38-64
music begins at m. 62, sing m. 65-end
music starts at m. 50, sing m. 53-73
Home on the Range
music starts at m. 28, sing second verse words from m. 1-16
music starts at m. 12, sing m. 16 to the end and use the SECOND ENDING


Region Mock Auditions Cuts- Boys


Dies Irae

Music begins m. 49, sing at m. 56 “cuncta stricte” Stop singing at m. 82


Cindy           Music begins m. 43, sing at Bass entrance m. 50 or Tenor entrance m. 52           Sing to end of piece


Break it Down           Music begins m. 15, do not observe D.C., sing at m. 17           Stop singing end of m. 32


The Girls I Left Behind Me

          Music begins m. 25, sing at pick-up to m. 28

          Stop singing end of m. 45




Region Mock Auditions Cuts- Girls


Dance on My Heart           Music begins m. 18, sing at m. 21- verse 5 “Sir”           Stop singing at end of piece


Home on the Range

Music begins m. 12, sing at m. 16 Altos, m. 17 Sops           Stop singing m. 31 after fermata


Gloria           Music begins m. 34, sing at m. 38           Stop singing m. 62 after “Deo”


Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel

          Music begins m. 33, sing at m. 37 (pick-up to m. 37 Altos)

          Stop singing m. 54 after “every man”