Welcome Back!!  Looking forward to a great and exciting year learning about the history of TEXAS!!
Parents, students were given a copy of the course syllabus and class requirements.  Please look over and email me if you have any questions.  I am expecting great things from this group of kids!  Hope to see you at Open House.
7:20-8:09      1st Period- 7th Grade PRE AP History  
8:13-9:06      2nd Period- 7th Grade Athletics        
9:10-9:59      3rd Period- 7th Grade PRE AP History
10:03-10:52  4th Period- 7th Grade PRE AP History
11:20-12:10  5th Period- Conference 
12:14-12:44  6th Period- PAWS- (Advisory)
12:48-1:37    7th Period- 7th Grade PRE AP History
1:41-2:30      8th Period- 8th Grade Athletics
classroom phone: 281-357-3000 ext. 4436
If you would like to get updates through texts about tests, projects, etc, please use the link for History.
For 8th Grade basketball updates during the season, click on the Basketball link. 
Texas History Remind 101 link:
8th Grade Basketball Remind 101 link:


Textbook Information for Distant Learning


I hope all are well and doing their best under the current circumstances.  As we begin our distant learning please be aware that this is new to all of us and we expect there to be issues or problems that may pop up.  Don’t stress, we will get through this together and figure it out.

I gave my students textbooks at the beginning of the year but I am providing a link to our textbook online for those that left them at school or are new to our school and did not get one.


Student Log-in:
Username: Tomball + <ID Number>
Password: TISD + <Id Number> + <First Initial><Last Initial>  (all Caps for password)

Username: Tomball123456
Password: TISD123456AB


I will be sending out work on Monday, March 23rd for the week through Google Classroom and will post reminders and information on my school’s webpage:



Take care of each other,

Jerry Cook
Tx History

Houston/Lamar Collage

Students started a major grade assignment today over Houston/Lamar presidencies.  They had today and will have class time tomorrow to complete it.  If not done tomorrow it is due Tuesday of next week.  The students are off on Monday.  The information they need to complete this comes from their book or the worksheets/notes we have taken over the last week.  Must be printed and in color.
Coach Cook
TX History

Potbelly Order Form.jpg

Basketball players whose parents would like to have food delivered from Potbelly's should print this form, fill it out and fax or drop off with payment information.  They will deliver food as long as we have a $25 order.  Completely optional just trying to provide some convenience for working parents.