Euphonium Known as EUPHONIUM or BARITONE, it has valves like a trumpet, sound like a trombone, and the look of a tuba.
Horn The HORN or French Horn has a sound that can range from very powerful to quite mellow. The instrument is often featured in movie soundtracks such as the Star Wars and Jurassic Park movies.
Trombone The TROMBONE uses a slide instead of valves (like the other brass instruments) to produce the various notes it plays. A bass instrument, the trombone is known for it's powerful sound and is a staple in the concert band, jazz ensembles, and symphony orchestras.
Trumpet The TRUMPET is one of the primary melodic instruments of the concert and marching bands. It has great flexibility and is equally at home in a variety of musical styles.
Tuba The largest of the brass instruments, the TUBA plays a very important role in that it provides the foundation of the band's sound. A band without tubas sounds thin and 'treble-heavy."