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Progress Reports for 3rd Nine Weeks will go home this week. If your child's grade is low, please contact me to see if we can come up with a "plan of action" to get their grade higher before the end of the marking period. We are a team, so please monitor your child grades in the class throughout the year :)
I am so thankful you are viewing my teacherweb page, it shows you have a real interest in your child's education.  If you'd like to receive notifications of upcoming tests/quizzes and project due dates, please subscribe to either my Algebra or 7th PAP Remind.
I hope this website will help you and your child stay informed about what is happening in my classroom this year. Should you ever have a question or concern, please use the following contact information to reach me throughout the year. You can phone me or email me, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  
Please remember, we are partners in your child's education. So contact me as needed throughout the year :)
Debbie Turpin
TJH Math Department & ATPE Campus Representative
281-357-3000 ext.4444

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7th PAP missing assignments

Hey 7th PAP kids,
If you are missing either the "Snoopy" WS or the "Super Secret Number" WS, here they are to print. You must have them turned in before Thanksgiving Break or they will go to PAW for half credit when we return from break :)