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 8th Grade   Science! 


Teacher: Mrs. Desselle

Conference: 12:55 PM - 1:25 PM

Telephone: (281) 357 - 3000 Ext. 4455


  Important Dates  

Tuesday January 16 - Test Tutorial 2:30 - 3:30

Thursday January 18 - Earth, Moon, Sun Test



Week at a Glance
December 4 - 8
Monday - Reading Weather Maps Stations, Create a Weather Map, 
                Weather and Oceans Review Sheet (due Wednesday)
Tuesday - Check Weather Map Stations, Finish Create a Weather Map,  
                 Create a Cane Activity
Wednesday - Check Review Sheet, Create a Cane, Hurricane Formation
                       Sequencing Cards, 
Thursday - Weather and Oceans Test
Friday - School Levels - Earth, Moon, Sun Relationships
November 27 - December 1
Monday - Land and Sea Breezes 1/2 sheet review, Pressure Systems 
                Engage, Air Pressure Video, Contrasting High and Low 
                Pressure Systems
Tuesday - High and Low Pressure 1/2 Sheet, Air Mass Patterns, Types of
                 Fronts Interactive, Weather Front Squares
Wednesday - If Weather Fronts Could Talk 1/2 Sheet, Measuring Weather
                      Video and Guide, 
Thursday - Winds and Isobars Activity, Reading Weather Maps Video,          Friday - Weather Maps 1/2 Sheet, Jet Stream Reading Squares
November 20 - 24 - Thanksgiving Holidays
November 13 - 17
Monday - Crushing the Test Analysis, Reteach / Extension
Tuesday - Science Fall Benchmark
Wednesday - Science Fall Benchmark
Thursday -Land and Water Lab, Critical Write - Describe the sun's
                 difference in heating land and water
Friday - Coastal Breezes Simulation and Analysis
November 6 - 10
Monday - Quiz, Texas Cards, Review Sheet
Tuesday - Looking Down on the World
Wednesday - Check Review, Finish Looking Down on the World
Thursday - Changing Earth's Surface Test
Friday - Color Code Ocean Currents, Critical Write - Describe the role
                   of the sun in creating ocean currents
October 30 - November 3
Monday - Crushing the Test Analysis, KWLQ - Changing Earth's Surface, 
                Critical Write - How are the views similar and different and what
                 might they be best used for?
Tuesday - Play-do Mountains, 
Wednesday - Topographic Maps Rules Interactive Notes, Map A & B 
                       Practice, Critical Write - What is wrong with this map?
                      Topographic Map Reading Sheet
Thursday - Elevating Layers
Friday - Topographic Quiz, Topographic Maps vs. Satellite Views, WED 
              Interactive Notes, Critical Write - Compare and contrast 
              weathering, erosion, and deposition
October 23 - 27
Monday - Review, Frosted Boundaries
Tuesday - Plate Tectonic Test
Wednesday - Landforms Video and sheet
Thursday - View Comparison, Play-do Mountains
Friday - Plate Tectonics Reteach and Extension
October 16 - 20
Monday - Earth Layers, Milky Way Tectonics, Critical Write - 
                Describe the role of convection currents in plate tectonics
Tuesday - Plate Boundary Research
Wednesday - Go over Plate Boundary Research, Critical Write - Write  an 
                       advertisement for a trip to see the features of a plate 
                       boundary, Boundary Card Talk, 
Thursday - What's the Difference?, ABC Plate Boundary, Identifying Plate 
Friday - Frosted Boundaries, Review Sheet
October 9 - 13
Monday - Staff Development Day
Tuesday - Force and Motion Crush the Test, Plate Tectonics KWLQ
Wednesday - 1st Nine Weeks Open Note Test, Historical Evidence Stations
Thursday - Historical Evidence Stations, Critical Write - Your thoughts on
                  the evidence for Continental Drift
Friday - Seafloor Spreading Demonstration and SPGTalk, Seafloor 
              Spreading Diagram, Plate Tectonic Song Video
October 2 - 6
Monday - Newton's Second Law - Calculations
Tuesday - Newton's Third Law - Balloon Rocket Lab, Critical Write - How 
                 does the 3rd law affect a rocket launch at NASA?
Wednesday - Complete KWLQ, Review
Thursday - Force and MotionTest
Friday - 1/2 Day - Finish Force and MotionTest
September 25 - 29
Monday - Types of Forces, Changing Velocity Lab
Tuesday - Balanced and Unbalanced Forces, Calculating Net Force
Wednesday - Animal Forces, Critical Write - How do forces change the
                      motion of an object?
Thursday - Newton's First Law - Station Lab
Friday -  Newton's Second Law - Cart Races, Critical Write - How does 
              Newton's Second Law affect a race between a dump truck and 
              a Mini Cooper?
September 18 - 22
Monday - Graphing Notes, Table Talk Graphs, 
Tuesday - Graphing Circuit
Wednesday - Graphing Circuit
Thursday - Motion Graph Matching, Story Graphs
Friday - Story Graphs
September 11 - 15
Monday - Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Circle Sort and 
                Chart; Define Speed, Velocity, Acceleration
Tuesday - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration Poster; Example Cards
Wednesday - Speed Limit Comparison; Calculating Speed 
                       Notes; Speed and Velocity Problems; Quick Write:
                       Why do we use speed limit signs and not velocity 
                       limit signs?
Thursday - Speed Olympics Lab
Friday - Speed / Velocity Quiz; PSG Talk - slope, gradual, steep,
              constant; Define words
September 4 - 8
Monday - Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday - Go over Lab Safety Rules, Lab Safety I Spy Activity
Wednesday -  Purposeful Talk Safety Scenarios, Set up INB
Thursday - Lab Safety Test, Set up INB
Friday - Motion KWLQ Chart, Set up Motion Vocab, Formula Chart,
              PSG (Purposeful Small Group) Talk - Motion,
              Define motion, distance, placement             
August 28 - September 1
Monday - Weather Day
Tuesday - Weather Day
Wednesday -  Weather Day
Thursday -  Weather Day
Friday -  Weather Day
August 21 - 25
Monday - Last day of summer!
Tuesday - Introductions, Class Expectations and Procedures
Wednesday - On the Grid Activity, Class Expectations and Procedures
Thursday - Finish On the Grid Activity, Lab Safety Tour, Compare and Contrast Lab and Class Rooms
Friday - Weather Day