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Welcome to Mrs. Converse's U.S. History Website!

I wanted to welcome everyone to my class for the 2018 - 19 school year at Tomball Junior High School.  I am so excited to get started this year and share with each one of you my love for teaching history.


My love for history all began at Tomball High School many years ago.  I had great teachers who inspired a small town girl that with an education I could go anywhere in the world.  And so you ask, "How did you, Mrs. Converse end up back here in Tomball?" 


As I pursued a degree in political science at Texas A&M, I had an experience that brought me to a fork in the road.  I asked myself, "what can I do to make a difference in this world?"  And yes, the answer was teaching. 


I absolutely love working with students.  I love their stories, their questions, and curiosity of the subject.  It truly makes me feel like I am making a difference to the world and also, that small town where I grew up.

Please explore my website and become familiar with the tools that are accessible to parents and students.
Conference Period: 5th Period (11:21 - 12:10)
Feel free to contact me by telephone during my conference time or anytime by email with questions or concerns.
I also recommend subscribing to my website/Remind to stay updated with upcoming assignments and important information (to subscribe to page, click on the black subscribe button under my profile picture).
Torri Converse
281-357-3000 x4491
**2018-2019 Classroom Wish List**
Donations of the following items are always welcome and greatly appreciated throughout the year.
1. glue sticks
2. hand sanitizer/tissues
3. post its or sticky notes
4. map pencils
5. highlighters

Recent Posts

Homework Tonight

If students did not finish their SMARTPHONE by Colonial Region prototypes, they need to.  Tomorrow in class will be fun...we're selling our APPS in class...can't wait to see what the students come up with!

Homework Tonight

Students need to finish page 12 and begin working on their "Connecting" to the Colonies prototypes.  

Turn in Tomorrow

Jamestown reading/questions page 7 and Plymouth reading/questions page 9 due tomorrow.

Project Due

The storyboard project parts 1 and 2 (Jamestown v. Plymouth) are due tomorrow.  This is a major grade.  Thank you to all the students who stayed today for tutorials.

Jamestown Storyboard

Students had about 30 minutes today in class to work on their Jamestown Storyboard's.  Tomorrow, I will assign PART 2 Plymouth.

Jamestown Storyboard

Please look at Google Classroom for the Storyboard assignment on Jamestown.  In GC, you will find the rubric to the project.  The Jamestown Storyboard is 1/2 of a major grade that will be combined with another storyboard next week on Plymouth.
1/2 assigned today - Jamestown
1/2 assigned next Wednesday - Plymouth
Project Due = Friday, September 14th