7th Advanced Classes Book Study

Book Study Requirements

  • Students in Pre-AP science will participate in a Fall and Spring book study. Students will choose a book to read from the PreAP Science Reading List
  • Students will submit a presentation of their choice based on the science topic/concept they have learned from the book. This is NOT intended to be a book report but rather a reflective presentation based on the student’s science connections and learning from the book.
  • Presentation Media Options:
    • Poster
    • Essay (typed)
    • Digital (Google Slides and/or a Video)
    • Other (must be approved by the teacher)
  • Students will be required to participate in 3 small group book discussions. 
    • Session 1 - share your book topic and discuss the science connection made from your book with small group. Discussions will be guided by prompts and/or science connection picture.
    • Session 2 - present a rough outline/draft of your presentation for peer review.
    • Session 3 - present a draft form of your presentation for peer editing.

Presentation Requirements

  • Name of Book
  • Science Topic
  • How did you make a connection from the book to the science topic?
  • At least 3 new things you learned about science through making the connections between your book and your science topic.
  • At least 4 different examples from the book that made connections to your science topic.
    • Explain the connections.

Important Dates


  • 10/4 (Friday) - Last Day to Enter your book choice into the Google Form
  • 10/21 (Week of) - 1st Book Study Group Meeting
  • 11/11 (Week of) - 2nd Book Study Group Meeting
  • 12/2  (Week of)- 3rd Book Study Group Meeting
  • 12/13 (Friday)- Presentations Due and Presentation Gallery Walk