Final Exam Website Project

Today (Monday, April 23), the students are starting their final exam project.  Portions of this project will be counted as grades along the way, and then we will be using a separate rubric to grade aspects of this project as their final exam.  The final due date will be May 8.
I realize that this seems early to start the final exam; however, when we began looking at the May calendar and with STAAR testing right in the middle of the month, we decided that we would prefer to have the students start and finish the exam before the STAAR test, rather than having them be interrupted during the project or rushing to finish it after the STAAR.  We truly feel that this is in the best interest of our students.  The added advantage of this is that for those students who are required to take final exams in other classes, they will already have the PIT exam out of the way!!