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School Attendance


Regular school attendance is an important factor for student success.  When students miss school, for any reason, they miss important class experiences that cannot be duplicated through make-up work.  Of course, there are sometimes reasons when students cannot attend (illness or emergencies) and it is best to limit absences to only those times.

Parents, here are some ways you can help improve your student’s attendance:  Have your student get plenty of sleep so they are rested, healthy, and ready to learn.  If your student is just not feeling well (but is not feverish or ill), consider letting them attempt school. We have a wonderful clinic and staff that will care for them and call you if the need arises that they need to be at home. If your student has a dental or medical appointment, instead of missing the entire day, bring them to school with a note and their attendance can be coded as medically present.  To help motivate our students to reduce absences, we’ve started a contest at school.

We are glad to have parents who share our goal of student success.  Thank you for being a partner on the team!