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Counselor's Office!

Course Verification:
Parents and Students,
Course verification for all incoming 9th graders is due! If you have not turned in your course verifications, please do so now. The high school is preparing their schedule for next year. 
If you are currently a 6th grade TIS or 7th grade TJHS student, please give your course verification sheets to your grade level counselor as soon as possible. TJHS is also preparing for our schedule for next year, and will need the numbers for an accurate count for classes.
Counseling Staff:

Kathy Donigan, 7th grade Counselor

281-357-3000 ext. 4413


Joan Delgado, 8th grade Counselor

281-357-3000 ext. 4414


Karina Rathway, Administrative Assistant

281-357-300 ext.4411


Erika Reyes, Registrar

281-357-3000 ext. 4470