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My name is Connie Stewart, and I am excited to be at Tomball Jr. High this year.  I have 30 years of experience as an educator teaching elementary, junior high math, high school math, and college math.  Most of my experience has been in Tomball ISD and Magnolia ISD.  In fact, I taught right here at Tomball Junior High 1997-2002.  My husband Rob is also an educator and works in the district office of Magnolia ISD.  We have two grown sons, one married and one about to be married.  We also have one granddaughter.  In our free time, we enjoy traveling and are working toward visiting all 50 states with 11 to go!  
Students and Parents:  please sign up for Remind 101. Here's how:
Download the App on your device.  Choose the class for the signup.
1st Period:  Enter this number 81010, then text this message  @4386gb
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Directions for Dec. 6 Homework

Directions for Booklet:
1. Plot the points and draw the line.
2. Find the slope by calculating the rise over the run or by using the slope formula.
3. Find the x-intercept (where the line crosses the x-axis).
4. Find the y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis).
5. Bonus: Can you write the equation of the line?
1. (-2, -2) (1,4)
2. (-4, 0) (4, -2)
3. (-2, -2) (3, -2)
4. (-4, -3) (0, 3)
5. (3, 4) (3, -3)
6. (-5, 2) (1, -4)
Remember that lines with a slope of 0 will not generally cross the x axis, and undefined lines will not generally cross the y axis. For these questions you can put N/A.