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Tomball ISD Campuses Welcomed Principal Partners for a Day


TOMBALL – In an effort to strengthen the relationship within the community, Tomball ISD welcomed in 21 Principal Partners to campuses across Tomball ISD on Thursday.

The group had the opportunity to spend time with each campuses’ principal, faculty members and students, while learning the day-to-day operations in Tomball ISD schools.

The program was put in place to increase awareness and understanding of the strengths and challenges of schools within the district.

Principal Partners were matched to a Tomball ISD campus based on their interests, areas of expertise and the school’s needs.

“The unexpected delight of a Principal Partner’s visit is to find out that they can provide a benefit for the campus and district as well,” Greg Chappell, Rosehill Elementary Principal said. “Our Principal Partner shared much with us in the way that her position with the LSC Tomball Community Library can support our students and their families throughout the year, especially when school is not in session.”

The day was wrapped at a luncheon, sponsored by First Community Credit Union and held at Cisco's Salsa Company, honoring the participants, while they shared their thoughts on their experience within the district.

“I had the wonderful opportunity as a parent to be a Principal Partner today. We as parents see the sunshine, the songs and the books, but it was an opportunity to take a step back and really see all the intricacy that goes into our kid’s school day. Knowing there are rubrics and standards and the time and effort put in that makes our kids shine was really special to see,” Beth Jones, Director of Public Works for the City of Tomball said.

The day featured a mix of community members from parents to civic leaders to business owners, all representing the community of Tomball.

“I came into this experience with a clean slate and wanted to just learn. Each kid I met in the classroom today was amazing in their own way and I left with a great experience to now look back on,” Arthur H. Busby, Jr. from CARE Prosthetics & Orthopedics said.