~National Junior Honor Society

Course Description


National Junior Honor Society

Membership in the National Junior Honor Society shall be based upon scholarship, school citizenship, service, leadership, and character. To be considered for election to the National Junior Honor Society, a student must have a minimum cumulative semester average of 96.000. Eligible candidates will be considered for selection by a faculty council who will review the qualifications of all candidates, including grades, conduct, and the application packet. The selection process takes place during the Spring semester each year. A copy of the NJHS handbook and constitution are on file in the Principal's office and available for review upon request.

Awards and Honors

Selection of junior high school students will be based upon their weighted grade point average (semester grade + 5% for Pre-AP and Accelerated Courses; semester grade + 10% for high school credit courses for the current year as of the end of the first semester). Grades eligible for calculating each student’s weighted grade average are those earned throughout the regular school year, including approved transfer grades. Credit earned for the Office Aide position and for Off-Campus Physical Education does not count toward academic recognition