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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Dance!!!

My name is Ms. Anguiano, and I am so delighted to be the dance instructor for both,
Tomball Junior High and Creekside Park Junior High.

Please read the following pages about your child’s dance class so that together we can make this year a great learning experience for your child. Be aware that dance is a highly disciplined art form that requires a high level of physical activity during the majority of class. This includes practice (sometimes in and out of normal classroom hours) and  also wearing the appropriate dance attire every day. Also, please understand this is a class in which critique is used to aid in improving performance and technique. For some students this will take some getting used to. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also, keep in mind that I service the students of two schools and will get back to you as soon as I can.


Our end of the year show will be in mid/late April to showcase what the students have been working on throughout the year. I will keep you informed with dates and costuming as the 2nd semester approaches. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Our class:

This is a dance class designed to teach the fundamentals of dance through the exploration of various genres. Choreography and Performances will be introduced in all classes and will become increasingly more important throughout the semester.  Students will be REQUIRED to perform at the end of the year but also given multiple opportunities to perform in and outside of school functions. Dance II students will also have an opportunity to perform the Cougar Charms Spring Show, Encore,  April 7th,2017. The junior high show will be in late Mid-late April. Students must be enrolled in Dance I before they can move on to upper-level dance classes. Students do NOT need a physical to enrolled in the dance class


Course Goals and Essential Elements:

  1. To learn and appreciate dance in its various forms.
  2. To establish a dance vocabulary appropriate to class level.
  3. To define a spatial and kinesthetic awareness through movement.
  4. To improve and promote overall physical coordination, balance, flexibility and fitness.
  5. To use dance to become a more responsible, disciplined and productive student.
  6. To analyze and apply appropriate behavior at various types of live performances.
  7. To understand each major genre of dance.
  8. To Develop and practice an effective warm-up and cool-down.


Dancers will be expected to follow all rules and policies:

  1. Enter class on time-do NOT be late!
  2. Be dressed in proper attire for participation, you are responsible for your own clothes.
  3. Dress out Every day unless stated otherwise
  4. Follow directions the first time given.
  5. Never chew gum!
  6. Raise your hand to be recognized, demonstrate proper dance etiquette.
  7. Bring an open mind and heart to class & BE CREATIVE!


Daily Classroom Procedures & Guidelines

  1. In locker room before the bell rings
  2. Students will have 5 minutes after the tardy bell to dress out and be in roll call lines in the gym.
  3. Dress out is required, not an option. 
  4. No Dress Out: If a student does not bring appropriate dance attire or just chooses not to dress out the student will not receive credit for their daily grade. If excessively not dressing out, then disciplinary actions will be taken.
  5. Dance class does have required attire.
  6. No food, gum, or drink OR CELL PHONE is allowed in class.
  7. Each unit we will take notes on all important information. Keep all handouts and notes in a binder.


  1. Composition book/spiral for notes
  2. Hair tie
  3. Proper dance attire (see below)

What to wear to dance class….

Dance attire can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Fancy Dancer (by ITZ), Academy, Target, and Goodwill.

Contact me if there is a problem purchasing clothing.


  • All Black ONLY!
  • Work out wear/Dance Wear
  • Tops
    • Not too loose, not too tight
    • T-shirts-nothing baggy
    • Tank tops
    • Ballet leotard with tights
  • Bottoms
    •   Not too loose, not too tight
    • Jazz Pants/Capris
    • Leggings
    • Shorts WITH tights
    • Gym Shorts
    • Ballet Leotard with tights
  • Shoes
    • Bare feet or bare feet
    • Dance shoes: ballet shoes, jazz shoes (black), foot paws
    • NO STREET SHOES! Remember where you sit and dance, we don’t want to track in dirt with our regular shoes.     


Students MUST dress back out into Appropriate school Attire.



Proper Dance Attire: