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Alison Pohlkotte - 7th Math/8th Athletics

End of School Year REMINDERS:
-Good behavior is still expected through the end of the school year.
-We will still be learning until we break for the summer.
-Push yourself to do your best until the last day of school. You'll thank yourself later for it. :)


Recent Posts

Career Project for 7th Graders

These are the guidelines and the rubric for our end-of-the-year project which begins TODAY, and is DUE on THURSDAY 5/25/16. Students will be given AMPLE time in class to complete this, but may work on it outside of class if they choose. All projects are to be done using Google Slides. Students must also get their career APPROVED by Ms. Pohlkotte before beginning their research.

Pythagorean Theorem Notes KEY

We started one final unit today in class... an 8th grade topic called Pythagorean Theorem! Students will learn the basics of this topic, and how to find the missing side of a right triangle using a new formula. Here are today's notes that went along with our activity. PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS WILL HAVE A TEST ON THIS UNIT ON FRIDAY MAY 19

Spring Benchmark Key!!!!!

Spring Benchmark Tests are going home today with Ms. Pohlkotte's students (except 5th period). We have gone over MOST of these questions in class. Please encourage your child to sit down with the benchmark and the Answer Key (posted here) to review any questions we haven't yet gone over (Volume and Surface Area), any questions they were not here for due to an absence, or questions that they missed!! :) Our STAAR test is MONDAY MAY 8!!!
The "90-10."
Most students (we'll go with about 90% of the students) typically come to school prepared, pay attention during lessons, give adequate effort, and follow the basic rules and expectations of the school and each teacher's classroom throughout the duration of the school year. The 10% are the students who may do these things from time to time, but perhaps not on a regular basis. Occasionally I'll see some of my 10%-ers make more of an effort during this time of the year because they truly want to be successful on the STAAR test and on their final report card. This is great, and the hope is that these students will learn from "waiting until the end of the year to put forth more effort," and make more of a consistent effort in the years to come. Interestingly enough, also during this time of the year, we see some of our 90%-ers lose focus in the classroom, and join in with the 10%-ers.
So, which one are you? "Are you a 90%-er throughout the year?" "If so, are you still a 90%-er as the end of the year approaches?" "Or, are you a 10%-er?" "What can you be doing to get you to be a 90%-er more often?"
Just some things to think about as the end of the school year approaches. Are you making the best decisions that will put you in the best situation for success??