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For classroom notes, activities, power points, assignments, etc., use the following link to get to the 7th Grade History Team's website.
Texas History- Colonization though early 1900s
1st Period- 7th Grade Athletics
2nd Period- Texas History
3rd Period- Conference (9:10 to 9:59 am)
4th Period- Texas History
5th Period- Texas History
PAWS- (Advisory)
6th Period- Texas History
7th Period- 8th Grade Athletics
classroom phone: 281-357-3000 ext. 4436


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After STAAR Testing

After STAAR testing we will begin reviewing for our next test on May 18th.  Students will have a review sheet along with all their note sheets and worksheets to study.  Their warm-up exercises are also a great thing to review.  Tutorials for the test itself will be Tuesday, May 16th.  After the test we will begin our ABC project over material from the entire school year.  These are the last two major grades and could determine whether some students pass/fail for the year.  I encourage you to help keep them focused these last four weeks of school.  Thanks for your help!
Coach Cook
TX History

Week of March 6th-10th

Test this Thursday over Pre-Civil War Texas and the Civil War.

Week of February 27-March 3

This week we will be covering the Civil War and the role of Texas in that war.  We test next week on Thursday.  A lot of students have been absent and have make-up work due.  I will be available everyday this week after school for those that need to come by for tutoring or to get work done.

Week of Feb 13-17

We will be going over our government test and addressing common mistakes and reteaching the Principles of the Constitution.  We will retest Wednesday over the principles.  After that we will begin to study Texas' first 10 years as a part of the US including annexation, the Mexican-American War, and the Compromise of 1850.

Week of Feb 6-10

Principles of the Constitution slide show is due Tuesday!  We will review Wednesday in class for our test Thursday over Government.  Tutorials for the test will be Tuesday after school until 3:00 p.m.

Week of Jan 30-Feb 3

Government Week- we will be examining the framework of our government and discussing the roles of the three branches.  We will also cover the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Right.  We will test over government on Feb. 9th.  Tutorials for the test will be after school on Tuesday, Feb. 7th from 2:30 until 3:00.

Welcome Back! Jan 4-13

We will begin studying the Republic of Texas.  This includes the only four presidents of Texas before being annexed by the US.  We will also study the political, economical, and social reasons surrounding the issue of annexation.

TEST Thursday!!!

Last major grade in Texas History before Christmas break is this Thursday over the Texas Revolution.  We have been reviewing since last Thursday and I will available for tutoring Wednesday after school.

Week of Nov. 28-Dec. 2

This week we will be covering the battles that helped Texas win its independence from Mexico and discuss the Declaration of Independence and look at the framework of the Constitution.  Textbook Topic Four, Lesson 4-6.

Week of Nov 14-18:

Thanks to the majority of the kids who made outstanding Veteran's Day dog tags and what a great ceremony we had.  This week we start the Road to Revolution.  Topic 4.2 and 4.3 in their books.  We will get through the Alamo and then pick up from there after the Thanksgiving Break.

Week of Nov. 1st-4th

Testing Thursday over the Spanish Colonial Unit.  I will be available for tutoring Tuesday after school until 3.  We are reviewing Monday through Wednesday.