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Welcome. Thank you for taking time. 
Currently, at Tomball Jr. High School I am one of two art teachers & the only craft teacher.
About me:  This is my second career.  Originally, I graduated from Texas Tech University with a BS in landscape architecture. During this phase of my professional life I partnered in a small business. This in turn lead me to teaching.  The 2016 year will be my 23nd year to teach.  

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For each class there is a $15.00 fee.  This covers supplies.  If paying by a check it needs to be made out to Tomball Jr. High School. 


If you would like to schedule a meeting with me or speak with me I'm available during 1st  period.  This is my conference time and the students' lunch time. 
It is from 7:20 to 8:09.
Please, be aware phones do not ring in classrooms during school hours. But, you may leave a message for me.  The phone number is 281-357-3000 x4465.

Recycle wish list

One of the major goals for my students is to teach them to create with objects at hand: all need not be new.  By using recycle items in some projects they learn to think 'out of the box', be better stewards, extend budgets, and experience new techniques.  
  • Some of things I collect and accept from my students are (but not limited to): 
  • old Christmas card
  • newspapers
  • old CDs
  • glass bottles (smooth)
  • yarn 
  • coat hangers
  • crochet thread
  • vinyl records
  • ribbon, lace, trim
  • fabric (yardage)
  • cigar boxes
  • maps
  • acrylic & latex house paint
  • ceramic & glass tiles
  • beads
  • large sheets of cardboard