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 8th Grade Science! 

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Teacher: Mrs. Desselle

Conference: 12:55 PM - 1:25 PM

Telephone: (281) 357 - 3000 Ext. 4455


     Important Dates  

Open House - September 25 
Force and Motion Test - October 3


Week at a Glance
September 11 - 15
Monday - Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Circle Sort and 
                Chart; Define Speed, Velocity, Acceleration
Tuesday - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration Poster; Example Cards
Wednesday - Speed Limit Comparison; Calculating Speed 
                       Notes; Speed and Velocity Problems; Quick Write:
                       Why do we use speed limit signs and not velocity 
                       limit signs?
Thursday - Speed Olympics Lab
Friday - Speed / Velocity Quiz; PSG Talk - slope, gradual, steep,
              constant; Define words
September 4 - 8
Monday - Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday - Go over Lab Safety Rules, Lab Safety I Spy Activity
Wednesday -  Purposeful Talk Safety Scenarios, Set up INB
Thursday - Lab Safety Test, Set up INB
Friday - Motion KWLQ Chart, Set up Motion Vocab, Formula Chart,
              PSG (Purposeful Small Group) Talk - Motion,
              Define motion, distance, placement             
August 28 - September 1
Monday - Weather Day
Tuesday - Weather Day
Wednesday -  Weather Day
Thursday -  Weather Day
Friday -  Weather Day
August 21 - 25
Monday - Last day of summer!
Tuesday - Introductions, Class Expectations and Procedures
Wednesday - On the Grid Activity, Class Expectations and Procedures
Thursday - Finish On the Grid Activity, Lab Safety Tour, Compare and Contrast Lab and Class Rooms
Friday - Weather Day